Product Register

Can I make products with same category?

By product copy, you can make products with same category. When adding product, you can continuously copy the same product information after submitting the information.

If you wish to copy an already registered product, please select the product from the Product List and click the 'Copy' button.


Because barcodes must be unique for each product, a new barcode must be generated even if copying product with same product information.

What happens if I want to register more than 100 or 2,000 products?

If surpassing the accessibility provided from the plan you are currently using, a restriction is applied to your team from using BoxHero. For the Single Plan, because adding option is not supported, you upgrade to the Business Plan.

For the Business Plan, up to 2,000 products are provided. If you wish to register more, you can add options starting from 1,000 products/$10 per month. Options can be added 50,000 products maximum.

To add or edit options, please go to Settings > Payment.

Can I upload products without barcode?

For products without a barcode, you can automatically generate one on BoxHero. When registering product, please press 'Generate' button by the barcode bar.

With barcodes, you can print barcode labels and attach it to your product for an efficient inventory management by BoxHero barcode scanner.

I don't have a barcode scanner. Does this mean I can't use barcodes?

With BoxHero app's mobile barcode scanner, you can scan barcodes to register product and make transactions without a separate scanner device or app. With BoxHero program, all-in-one management is Take advantage of BoxHero's all-in-one convenient inventory management.

How do I register products with an Excel file?


Log into BoxHero PC web-app( to download your transactions in an Excel file. We will update mobile Excel export shortly as well.

From Data Center, please go to Product and click the Import Excel button to import your inventory Excel file. For more, please refer to the guide below.

If you are having trouble with uploading your Excel file, ask for help to the BoxHero team. Fill out the form with your Excel file and BoxHero team will do the rest. Click here for more.

Importing Excel

If you have your inventory data in an Excel file, upload it to BoxHero.

  1. Click the Import Excel button.


When uploading an Excel file:

  1. Because the first row is regarded as properties, please insert the title for each row.
  2. Categories must be added to the Data Center in advance.
  3. For products without barcodes, you can generate it by leaving the barcode row empty.

Excel file example:

  1. Upload the Excel file.

Select or drag the file to the page.

  1. Make sure if correct columns are added and click Submit.

  1. The initial quantity is recorded in History as Audit.

Can I manage products by the location?

With BoxHero's Location Mode, you can manage your products by numerous locations. If you are managing same products in different places, such as shelves or boxes in a warehouse, you can register each shelf or box in Location Mode to view overall status of locations and even move products from a location to another.

Do I have to pay more as my product quantity increases?

Additional cost is not required for increasing quantity. Product accessibility for Single Plan or Business Plan is only applied to the number of product types.

What is Product Category?

The product category is extra information you can add for each product. For example, you can add type, brand, manufacturer for each product to efficiently categorize and easily search, manage on BoxHero.

You can add, delete, or edit product categories on Data Center(about Data Center).

What's the difference between Product Category and Sub-item Category?

The sub-item category is information designating each sub-item's attribute. Even if a product has a single barcode, you can sort it by expiration date or its condition by adding it as a sub-item category. Moreover, each sub-item category has its item ID, where you can print as a QR-code label.

Thus, product category is an attribute of a product, while sub-item category is additional information that allows to product information to be divided by expiration date, condition, location, serial number, and more.

Example 1) Handmade Shoe Retail

  • The same model of shoes is affixed with different barcodes based on size and color.
  • Separate inventories exist, the store and the warehouse.
  • The store needs inventory management including B-grade products(try-on product).

For a handmade shoes retail shop, the following categories can be added.

Category NameExample
Size40, 41.5
ColorBlue, White
TypeSneakers, Loafer, Derby
LocationWarehouse, Shop B-1, Shop B-4
ConditionGrade B, Returned

**Size, Color, Type** is a default product information, therefore, should be registered as product category.

For Location, Condition is a variable information that can be changed by the product, so it should be registered as sub-item category.

Example 2) Used Mobile Phone/Appliance Sales

    • The purchased date, purchased price, condition, and appraisal price of the devices are recorded.
  • Inventory management by product type and model is needed.

For this business, the following additional info can be added to the product inventory.

Category NameExample
Product NameiPhone6, Galaxy S8
CategoryiPhone, Tablet
ColorWhite, Pink
ConditionA, B
Purchased Date2019-08-14
Purchased Price$300
Appraisal Price$340

**Product Name, Category, Brand** is a default product information, therefore, should be registered as product category.

For Condition, Purchased Date, Purchased Price, Appraisal Price, they are variable information that can be changed by the product, so it should be registered as sub-item category.

How can I edit the Product Category?

From Data Center, you can edit from the Category page. For more, please refer to the information below.

Adding Category

Click the + Add button for a new category.

Insert name and select the category type.


Supported category format:

  • Text: Any alphabet or number (ex: 20BH17, 2017, BHRO)
  • Number: Whole number or real number such as 1028, 3.14
  • Date: Date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. (ex: 2020-07-22)

Category Edit

To add new category, please click + Add.

Deleting or Moving Category

Delete or rearrange the order by moving a category.


If deleting a category for 'Low Stock Notification', the feature is also disabled together.

What happens if I surpass the accessibility?

If you have more product, sub-items, locations, or members than your plan's given accessibility, your team will be restricted from using the service. Please adjust the registered amount or upgrade to a Business Plan or add additional options.

How do I add additional options?

Please go to the Settings > Payment and add options as you need anytime.

If options are added, you will be billed right away for the remainder of your subscription with the number of options added. After, you will be billed by your chosen plan and the options on your billing date accordingly.

Can I reduce the added options?

Please go to the Settings > Payment and edit the options as you need anytime.

If options are reduced, the remainder of your subscription will be transferred as a credit and be deducted from your next bill. After, you will be billed by your chosen plan and the options on your billing date accordingly.