Stock Audit


When the stock quantity doesn’t match after an inventory count, create an ‘audit’ transaction from the ‘Stock Audit’ page.


If you have made a transaction incorrectly, you can edit that transaction.
However, if you are unable to find the transactions or there are too many to edit, making an audit is highly recommended.

1. By Selecting Products

Select products.

Insert the current actual quantity.

After checking, insert memo if needed and click Done.

Transactions can be checked from the ‘History’ menu along with the quantity change.

2. By Scanning Barcodes

Click the Scan Barcode button from the upper-right corner.

Scan the product barcodes.

For every barcode, quantity increases.

Insert the current actual quantity.

Check the product with quantity and click Done to finish.

3. By Importing Excel File

Click the Import Excel button from the upper-right corner.

Upload the Excel file.

Select or drag the file to the page.

  • Barcode and quantity to audit is required and must be included in the first column.
  • Please insert the current quantity, not the past and current stock quantity difference.

Excel file example:

Make sure if correct columns are added and click Continue.

Check if the auditing quantity is correct and a memo if needed. Click Submit to finish.