Data Center



Sort by ascending or descending order by clicking each name of the column.


Select several products and edit, delete, print labels at once.


Edit product name, photo, one of the categories at once.

Edit Name

To Replace Text, insert the text that needs to be changed in the Search bar and the text to change in the Replace bar.

Bulk Edit

Editing all selected products to the inserted name.

Edit Photo

Edit the selected products to the uploaded photo.

Edit Category

Edit the selected products to the inserted text.


Delete the selected products.


Deleted products are displayed as deleted in history transactions as well.

Print Label

Please click the Print Label button.

Customize barcodes by clicking the Label Design Settings button.

Choose Label Template


If you are looking for a template other than the provided ones, please contact our customer support.

Page Settings

Select and insert the label size you are printing on.

Label Design Settings

Please insert the information you wish to print in the {{double braces}}.

  • Product name: {{name}}

  • Category: {{name of category}} (Please insert the category name in the double braces.)

  • Barcode: {{barcode}}

Check and Save

After checking the preview and the inserted size, save to print.


After inserting the number of copies, press the Print button.

You can also click the number for the copies to increase the number.

Saved Template

The previously printed label template is saved as a template to be used again next time.

Upper-right Buttons

Recently Deleted Products

Restore deleted products by clicking the Recently Deleted text.

Click the Restore button on the right.

Uploading Photos in Bulk

Upload photos of the selected products.

Save the photo names in the barcode like the example below.

After uploading and checking if photos were properly inserted, click Submit and finish.


Upload photos by clicking the files or dragging & dropping all at once.

Exporting Excel

Download the uploaded product data in an Excel file.


Product photos are excluded.

Importing Excel

Register or edit product information at once by Excel file import.

Bulk Add

Download the uploaded product data in an Excel file.


When uploading Excel file:

  1. Because the first row is regarded as properties, please insert the title for each row.
  2. Categories must be added to the Data Center in advance.
  3. For products without barcodes, you can generate it by leaving the barcode row empty.

Excel file example:

Upload the Excel file.

Select or drag the file to the page.

Make sure if correct columns are added and click Submit.

The initial quantity is recorded in History as Audit.

Bulk Edit

Insert product name, quantity to be changed by barcode and upload the Excel file.


Barcode editing is only available in Edit Product from the Product List.

<Ex: Before editing>

<Ex: After editing>


You can add, delete, edit all the categories from the Data Center.

Product Category

Click the + Add button for a new category.

Insert name and select the category type.


Supported category format:

  • Text: Any alphabet or number (ex: 20BH17, 2017, BHRO)
  • Number: Whole number or real number such as 1028, 3.14
  • Date: Date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. (ex: 2020-07-22)

Deleting or Moving Category

Delete or move order of categories.


If the category for the 'Low Stock Reminder' is deleted, the 'Low Stock Reminder' feature will also be disabled as well.


Adding Partners

Click the + Add Partner button from the upper-right corner to add a new partner.

Insert the rest of the partner information and finish.


Selecting from vendor/supplier and inserting name is mandatory.

Editing or Deleting Partner

Edit or delete partner from the buttons on the right.


Edited partner information is not applied to the past history transaction.