Transaction Stats

Check each product’s stock in, stock out, audited quantity and the current quantity.


Product without any transaction is exempted.

Select Period

Select the period of date and press the Go button.

Or click the arrow next to the Go button to view by the given period.

Export Excel

You can download the transaction stats of the chosen period in an Excel file.

Low Stock Reminder

Insert the minimum quantity for each product and when it’s low, an alarm notification is sent to you.

Selecting Category for Minimum Quantity

Click + Add Category.

App Push Notification

Click ‘Low Stock Notification’ to receive push notifications from the BoxHero app.


Push notifications are sent every morning at 9 AM.

Insert Quantity

Click the + Edit Quantity button that appears right after clicking the + Add Category button.

Insert the minimum quantity for each product that needs notifications.

After inserting the number, click Edit.

After inserting has been finished, click Done.

You can check the product’s low stock to excess stock status at once.

  • Low stock: When the current quantity is less or equal to the minimum quantity.
  • Excess stock: When the current quantity is more than 3 times the minimum quantity.

Export Excel

You can download the low stock status in an Excel file.

View Past Quantity

View the quantity status of a specific date from the past.


The displayed time is 23:59:59 of the chosen date.

Click the arrow next to the Go button to view it by the given period.


You can analyze your inventory with formulas based on the inventory data on BoxHero.

Please click + Add Formula if you are a first-time user of the feature.


For sales management, the relevant categories such as cost price or retail price must exist. If you do not have such categories, please go to Data Center > Category to add. Then, please add relevant information to the products.

Checking Data

You can check the analyzed information from the saved formula.


By clicking each name at the top, you can sort the names in ascending, descending order.

By dragging the |, you can also arrange the column width.

Period Settings

After entering the data, please click Go to view the data in a designated range of time.

You can also click the arrow button next to Go to view in a certain period.

Excel Export

You can download the analyzed inventory data by clicking the Export Excel button from the upper-right corner.

Counting Method

From the boxes on top, you can change each column's counting method. Only number type formulas are applicable for changing the counting method. Other types can be counted by the number only.

Supported number counting method : total, average, minimum, maximum, and amount.


The chosen counting method will not be saved. To have the method fixed for a column, please go to Formula Settings > Edit Counting Method and choose the method to fixate.

Formula Settings

By clicking the Formula Settings button, you can add, edit, or delete the formulas.

Formula List

You can check and edit the saved formulas. By placing the cursor on the icon next to the name, you can also check the formula type.

Saving the Settings

Click the Done button on the top-right corner to go back to the main page.

Changing Formula Order

By dragging the three-lined button on the left, you can change the order of the formulas.


By clicking the More button on formula's very right, you can edit the formula, displaying format, counting method, or delete the formula.


By clicking the Displaying Format or Counting Format from the formula list, a pop-up to change the settings will be shown.

Editing Formula

You can edit the saved formula. You can also edit from the formula list by placing the mouse cursor on the formula and clicking the pencil icon.

  • If an error occurs on another formula while editing the formula, any edits will not be saved.
  • Edits will be saved in the draft. To prevent error, editing or deleting any related formula will be saved in a draft all at once.
  • You can find out more about the formula error from the error message.

Displaying Format Settings

You can change the displaying format.


Only the number type formula's displaying format can be changed.

  • You can change the format by the decimal places, percentage, or currency.
  • You can also set it to display as red if the negative number or display as '-' if a calculation error occurs.

Counting Format Settings

You can fixate a counting method.


Only the number type formula's counting method can be changed.

  • Supported number counting method : total, average, minimum, maximum, and amount.

Deleting Formula

You can delete a formula.

  • If deleting a formula is expected to be occurring an error to another formula, it will not be applied immediately.
  • A new formula list with the deleted formula will be saved as a draft. Once the error-occurring formulas are edited or deleted, all drafts will be saved at once.
  • You can find out more about the formula error from the error message.

Adding Formula

By clicking the + Add Formula button, you will be directed to a page to choose a method to add a formula.

Choosing a Method to Add Formula

From Easy Add and Custom Formula, please choose one.


With Easy Add, you can conveniently add formulas provided from BoxHero.
If you cannot find a formula you need from Easy Add, please manually insert it from Custom Formula.

Easy Add

Please select one from Category, Sales Management, or Inventory Management on the 'Adding Simple Formula' page.

On Category, please select from your product category and insert a name for the formula. Then, click 'Save'.

With Sales Management or Inventory Management, various options of the formulas are provided.

After choosing one from the options, a box to insert the required information will appear.

Please insert the formula name and select a value if required. Then, click 'Save' to apply the formula.


If the formula is required to select a value, a recommended option will appear in grey font. Please refer to it when selecting.
If a relevant category does not exist, please go to Data Center > Category to add the required data. After done, please attempt again to add data.

Custom Formula

After inserting the formula and its name, please click Save to finish.

By clicking the buttons on top, you can check the available functions and examples.


An auto-completion is provided in Custom Formula.

  • By inserting {{, category and/or formula data will be loaded.
  • By inserting $, a variable relating to the inventory data will be loaded. For more information on variables, please refer to the following page.