Stock Out

Stock Out

When a product is sold or stock goes out, create a ‘stock out’ transaction from the Stock Out page.

1. By selecting Products

Select or insert a partner(vendor). You can also manually enter one.


If not selected, it is displayed as ‘No Partner’

Select products.

Quantity increases for every click on the product.

You can also insert the quantity from the box on the right and finish by clicking ‘Stock Out’.


Memo is optional.

Transactions can be checked from the ‘History’.

2. By Scanning Barcodes

After connecting the barcode scanner to your PC, click the Scan Barcode button from the upper-right corner.

Scan the product barcodes.

For every barcode scan, quantity increases. Check the product, quantity and click Submit.

Insert memo if needed and click ‘Stock Out’ to finish.

3. By Importing Excel File

Click the Import Excel button from the upper-right corner.

Upload the Excel file.

Select or drag the file to the page.

  • Barcode and quantity is required and must be included in the first column.
  • Product Name is not mandatory information.

Excel file example:

Make sure if correct columns are added and click Continue.

Lastly, check each product and its quantity. Then, input memo if needed and click Stock Out

Stock Out Draft

By clicking the ‘Save Draft’ button, you can save it as a draft and finalize it in the future.

Select product, insert quantity and memo. Then, click the Save Draft button from the bottom.

Drafts can be found from the Stock Out menu right away.


For a new draft, please click the button on the upper-right corner.

To delete, please click the Delete button from the upper-right corner of the draft page.

Adding Past Transaction

You can add past transactions by pressing the ‘Want to add missing one.’ button on the corner.


Only the admin can add past transactions. For member roles, go to Settings > Members.

Select the date and time when the transaction was made with the product with quantity and finish by clicking the Stock Out button.


The quantity shown on the ‘Select Product’ is your current quantity.

The added past transaction is also added to the ‘History’.

The added transaction’s date and time are displayed in purple.