Check all stock in/stock out/audit transactions from the History.

Searching Transactions

From the filters of the upper menu of the History page, you can sort transactions.

Stock In/Out

View only stock in, stock out, or audit transaction.


View only the transactions that include certain sub-items.


Only the product name can be searched.


View only the transactions that include certain supplier or vendor


View only the transactions that include certain member


View only the transactions made on a certain day


Click the arrow next to the Go button to view in a period.

Transaction Details

  1. Partner
  2. Date that transaction was made
  3. Member that made the transaction
  4. Details

View Balance

By clicking the Show Balance checkbox, you can view past and current balances.


From More, you can print, export in Excel, or edit the transaction.

Export Excel

You can download transactions in an Excel file.

Editing Transaction

You can edit a partner, product, or quantity of a transaction or delete it.

  • The quantity from ‘Select Product’ is not the current quantity, but when the transaction was made.
  • Only the admin can edit or delete transactions (For member roles, go to Settings > Members).
  • Up to 50 recent transactions can be edited.

Editing product list and quantity from history may cause disruptions in your inventory balance. Do not edit quantity with this feature unless necessary and it is recommended to use 'Audit' to revise inventory quantity.

The edited transaction’s date and time are displayed in orange.

To view the original transaction, click the Details button.

By opening the folded transaction on the bottom, you can view the original copy.