Team Info

Insert or edit the team's name and memo.
By clicking the picture on the left, you can change the team photo.
Time zone can also be selected and once changed, the past transactions will all changed to the selected time zone.

Leaving/Deleting Team

From the buttons on the upper-right corner, leave or delete the team.

User Info

Change the user name and the program's language.
Subscribe to the BoxHero newsletter by registering your E-mail address and receive the latest BoxHero news.
By clicking the picture on the left, the user photo can also be altered.

Delete Account

Click the Delete Account on the upper-right corner to delete your account.


Check the current members.
From the button on the right, leave or delete a member from the team.


Invite a member by clicking the Invite Link button.


The link is valid for up to 24 hours.

Share the link.

The invite link page is like the below and the invitation is completed by clicking the acceptance button.

Member Settings

Check the members of the team.

Click the Leave button to delete your account from the team. For admins, by clicking the Delete button, you can delete the member.

Manage Role

The team's admin can assign a role to each member.

  • Admin: ALL
  • Member: Only allowed to manage products, make stock in-out
  • Viewer: Only allowed to view

Or you can also create a custom role to restrict certain actions. To create, please click the Manage Role button.

From the upper-right corner, click the Add button

Insert a name and select the permitting actions with categories allowed to view.

You can create various roles and view them in a list.