Pricing & Payment

Welcome to BoxHero. We provide a reasonable pricing plan to meet the needs of our users with various types of businesses. Start efficient inventory management with the pricing plan that’s right for you.

  • For first-time users, BoxHero offers a Business Plan 30-days free trial.
  • If payment information is not inserted before the free trial is over, users are automatically switched to the Single Plan for free.

Pricing Plans

BoxHero provides Single Plan for free and Business Plan in paid subscriptions.

The difference between the two plans are like the following:


You can save $40.80 per year with a yearly subscription. Take advantage of this discount by starting BoxHero in a yearly plan!

Single PlanBusiness Plan
PaymentFREEEach team: $20/month , $199.2/year
($16.6/month for Yearly Plan)
Members1 (upgrade unavailable)Up to 10
Products (or sub-items)1002,000
Locations (for Location Mode)310
Additional memberUnavailableUp to 100
($5/month for every extra 1 user)
Additional product (or sub-item)UnavailableUp to 50,000
($10/month for every extra 1,000 products)
Additional location (for Location Mode)UnavailableUp to 100
($10/month for every extra 10 locations)
  • Payment is made by the team on BoxHero. To manage several teams, payment for each team must be made.
  • If using Multi Mode, sub-items, not products, are counted for usage.

Single Plan

Single Plan is for a user running a business alone with small number of products to manage.

The Single Plan is completely free with up to 100 products (or 3 locations for Location Mode). Because the plan is for a single user, inviting additional member to the team is unavailable. Please upgrade to the Business Plan to invite teammates or register more products/locations.

Business Plan

Business Plan is for teams or businesses with more than 100 products to manage in their inventory. With BoxHero’s generous accessibility, managing inventory with your team will finally be simple. Moreover, auto-syncing makes inventory management as a team much smoother.

Business Plan is provided for $20/month with up to 10 members and 2,000 products. 10 locations are provided for Location Mode. Additional options are also available if you need more member or product accessibility in your team. Please check this page for more.

Payment Options

To provide a seamless service, BoxHero’s payment system is Stripe, a globally verified payment system for its security. You can process your payment with card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) authorized for the international payment.

How to Pay

Please go to BoxHero website from your PC and go to Payment & Settings to insert your payment information. Select from monthly or yearly billing cycle. You can always change the options for additional members, products, locations. After inserting your payment information, you can immediately check total payment. After double-checking, please submit to start your subscription. The payment will be processed on the appointed billing date. Your payment information can be edited anytime.

  • Single Plan users must upgrade to the Business Plan to invite members or register more products/locations.

How to Add Options (*Business Plan ONLY)

Please go to BoxHero PC > Login > Settings > Payment and change options whenever you need to. From product, member, or location, select the options you need and your accessibility will be updated in real-time. (You can also remove your options anytime.)

If options are added, payment will be requested like the below.

MemberProduct(Sub-item)Location(Location Mode)
Price$5/month per user$10/month per 1,000 products$10/month per 10 locations
Maximum AccessibilityUp to 100Up to 50,000Up to 100

⁕ Please be reminded that yearly subscription discount is not applied for options.

  • When adding options, the billing date will also be changed to that date with the updated options.
  • If the payment amount for removing the option is greater than increasing, no payment is required and your balance will be transferred as credit to be deducted from your next bill.
  • After, the updated billing will be issued on your billing date accordingly.

How to Change Billing Cycle (*Business Plan ONLY)

You can change your billing cycle from BoxHero PC > Login > Payment & Settings > Payment. If using monthly plan, you will be changed to yearly plan and vice versa.

Please click the Change Billing Cycle button from the upper-right corner from 'Subscription Info' and change billing settings from the pop-up.


If changing from yearly plan to monthly plan, the discount benefit of $40.8 will be removed.

  • For an accurate payment calculation, the billing date is changed immediately and will be billed to your inserted payment information.
  • If you have additional accessibilities, you will be charged with the options included.
  • The remaining balance will be deducted from your payment.
  • If changing from yearly plan to monthly plan, the remaining balance cannot be refunded and will be transferred to a credit to be deducted from your future payment bills.


Please click here to check out FAQs relating to pricing & payment.