Getting Started


To start BoxHero, please click the LOG IN button from the upper-right corner.


If you can’t find the LOG IN button, please expand your browser to a full screen.

Log in with your work or personal social media account.

Initial log in automatically directs to signing up.


KakaoTalk, Facebook, Google Mail, or another E-mail signing in is available currently.

Sign in code is sent to your E-mail by inserting the address and pressing the Send button.

Insert the sign in code to complete the login.


E-mails are occasionally sorted as spams. Please check your spam inbox if you have not received the sign in code.

Creating Team Profile

Team Photo

Upload any photo that distinguishes your team. (Optional)

Team Name

Insert any name that distinguishes your team.

(ex: Names of your company, store branch, product, etc.)



Choosing Mode

Basic Mode (Recommended)

  • Managing the inventory by products
  • Basic Mode allows easy, simple inventory management

Location Mode (Special)

  • Managing the same products by different places
  • Managing products in numerous shelves and/or boxes

Multi Mode (Special)

  • Managing products by expiry or manufacturing date
  • Need to register product's location information
  • Need detailed classification for same products by:
    • Condition: (A / B / C)
    • Quality: (Great / Average / Poor)
    • Location: (2F Restroom / 3F Powder Room, etc.)
  • Need different members to be assigned by the product

Sorting Option and Team Create

Please select sorting options.

You can add or edit the options later.

Registering Product


After creating a team, click the ‘Register’ button.

You can insert the barcode or create one by pressing the ‘Generate’ button from the right.

Importing Excel

If you have your inventory data in an Excel file, upload it to BoxHero.

  1. Click the Import Excel button.


When uploading an Excel file:

  1. Because the first row is regarded as properties, please insert the title for each row.
  2. Categories must be added to the Data Center in advance.
  3. For products without barcodes, you can generate it by leaving the barcode row empty.

Excel file example:

  1. Upload the Excel file.

Select or drag the file to the page.

  1. Make sure if correct columns are added and click Submit.

  1. The initial quantity is recorded in History as Audit.

Adding Category

Add, delete, or edit all the categories from the Data Center.


Supported category format:

  • Text: Any alphabet or number (ex: 20BH17, 2017, BHRO)
  • Number: Whole number or real number such as 1028, 3.14
  • Date: Date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. (ex: 2020-07-22)

Product Category

From Data Center > Category, add categories to sort your products.

If Using Multi Mode

For categories like expiry date that must be added every time, add it to the Sub-item Category.

Then, simply change the expiry date when registering a new sub-item like the example below.